Escape Room

Magical Mystery Escape

Where escaping meets escapism… Come inside Delft’s newest and most musical escape room. The largest suite at Hotel Delft Centre has been completely converted into a professional escape room, the ‘Magical Mystery Escape’. And, as the name would suggest, you’ll be stepping into the world of the Beatles.

For excitement and sensation. For young and old. For escape room aficionados.

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This is the story. After a wild stay, Sir Paul McCartney (no less) leaves Hotel Delft Centre in a rush. But guess what? He’s forgotten his big suitcase containing all the Beatles’ music and secrets. In no time, their manager is on the line asking you to make sure the suitcase is safe. Are you going to step inside Paul McCartney’s suite and save all the Beatles’ music?

Or will all their songs be lost forever?

Location: Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre
Price €88.50

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