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Hotel Delft Centre opens a new escape room

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Surprising, creative and (of course) musical! Three aspects that fit perfectly with Hotel Delft Centre and can be seen immediately in Delft’s latest escape room. The Magical Mystery Escape was opened recently in the presence of Councillor Vollebregt and various well-known Delft musicians. The hotel’s former suite has been converted into an escape room by a professional designer who specializes in them. And as you might expect for this hotel, the escape room has a musical theme. Visitors to the Magical Mystery Escape will find all kinds of puzzles in a suitcase left behind by Sir Paul McCartney, no less. Can you work out how to rescue the Beatles’ music?

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Like many businesses, Hotel Delft Centre is facing quite a challenge over the coming period. But there’s no shortage of optimism or creativity here. The escape room experience has therefore now been set up to be completely coronavirus-proof. It is available for visitors who are all from the same household.

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Location: Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre
Price: €88.50
Duration: about 1 hour
Number of participants: Max. 6 people

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