Coronavirus measures


Coronavirus measures


Our team is ready to welcome you in a safe way! This is what you can expect from us:


  1. We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. We keep a distance of 1.5m, wash our hands regularly, clean our most used elements regularly, ensure enough ventilation, cough and sneeze according to the guidelines, and our employees stay at home if they have any symptoms. We expect our hotel guests to adhere to these guidelines as well. Our employees will not enter your room during your stay. Multiple disinfection options are available to be used freely on all floors in the hotel.
  2. Making a reservation: You book a room online via our website. You fill in your personal details and pay for your stay in the online platform. An employee will contact you by telephone before your stay. We will then discuss your arrival time, having breakfast and dinner, and any questions you may have. The terms and conditions of your booking can be found in your booking confirmation.
  3. Checking in: You will receive the (disinfected) key card of your room at reception. The route to be taken in the hotel has been marked with arrows and we kindly request that you keep your distance from other guests.
  4. Checking out: You check out and pay any outstanding amounts in the online platform. You deposit the key card in the appropriate box upon departure.
  5. Breakfast: Breakfast is not included in the room price. We have two options if you would like to include breakfast in your stay: You can choose a breakfast box (from €7.50) or room service (€16.50). Both will be brought to your room by an employee who will keep a safe distance.
  6. Lunch/dinner: We offer an adapted menu for lunch and dinner.
  7. Room service: If you would like to have lunch, dinner or drinks, they will be brought to your room by room service. We do not enter your room when delivering room service.
  8. Hotel information: You can check the most up-to-date information about our hotel and restaurant on
  9. Lounge/terrace: Our lounge and terrace are open for you. We have ensured that there is enough space between the tables and chairs. We would like to ask you to order at the bar and take your drinks with you.
  10. Meetings: Our meeting rooms are available and can be booked. Contact us for more information via
  11. Parking: You can park your car free of charge in our car park at the hotel, as long as parking places are available.
  12. Payments: Due to the risk of contamination we do not accept cash at the moment. We recommend that you make your payments online. If this is not possible, you can pay with your debit or credit card upon arrival.
  13. Cleaning: Our housekeeping team adheres to the guidelines of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) when cleaning your room. They ensure that your room has been disinfected before use. The room will not be used until at least 24 hours after being cleaned. During your stay, there will not be any housekeeping service.
  14. Visit: The hotel is only accessible to hotel guests with a reservation. If you would like to invite guests, please do not meet with them in our hotel.
  15. Should you feel ill during your stay, we kindly request that you to inform reception by telephone. Our employees will then discuss the steps that need to be taken.



Stay safe!

Feel at home, away from home.