Privacy Statement for our guests

Hampshire Hotel – Delft Centre greatly values the protection of your personal data. We want to use this Privacy Statement to provide clear and transparent information about how we treat your personal data.

How do we use your personal data?

We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy and thus treat your personal data with care. Hampshire Hotel – Delft Centre always complies with applicable legislation and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.  This means at least the following:

  • We will process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they have been provided;
  • We will limit ourselves to the data we need;
  • We will request your express consent if required for the processing of your personal data;
  • We will not disclose personal data to other parties unless a legal obligation to do so exists;
  • We will take suitable technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your personal data;

We are aware of and respect your rights concerning your personal data.

How does Hampshire Hotel – Delft Centre treat the data about my stay?
You can stay in our hotel in a variety of ways. You can use a room (accommodation), enjoy a high tea, visit for a meal, attend a meeting or special event, drink or eat something in our lounge or bar, or even at the outside seating area.

You arrive and use one or more services on the spot or book a place in advance.


When you make use of our accommodations, we are legally required to keep a so-called “night register” which lists your name and details of the stay (number of nights and persons). We also record the way you have identified yourself. This may be checked by, among others, the municipality based on the Local Municipal Ordinance.


We additionally also register your name, address, e-mail data, payment details, type of room and any special wishes.  The mandatory and additional data are needed to handle your stay in the hotel as efficiently as possible.


There is a statutory retention period of 7 years for your data.


Any advance reservation of other services are best done in your name. This is not necessary if you simply walk into our hotel. Your payment details are registered automatically if you pay digitally using a debit or credit card.


If you visit our website…

You can visit our website without providing information about yourself. If you place a reservation, we may request additional information about your wishes, or to, for example, correspond with you, or to process your reservation. We can also inform you about our newest and most attractive offers through our e-mail service. If you wish to unsubscribe from our e-mail service, you can easily do so through the newsletter.


How does Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre handle your data in competitions and campaigns?
If you respond to a competition or campaign, we will request your name, address and e-mail details. These data are used to carry out the campaign, to inform the winners of their prize, and to measure the response to the campaign.
How does Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre handle security and quality?
We protect the quality and integrity of your personal data using the right technical and organisational measures. This also means that we fulfil any requests for access and possible correction of your personal data as soon as possible. We are required by law to respond to a request for access, correction, or removal of kept data within a period of four weeks. However, we do this faster.


As a rule, we will provide you with a digital overview of what data we have registered if you submit a request for access. We can also provide this at our hotel if you want. You can submit your request through our administrative department  by sending an e-mail to


The data we register are stored securely in our secure database which is protected against unauthorised access.

We are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with us after reading our Privacy Statement or in a more general sense, you can contact us at