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We’d like to introduce you to our team. In relay format.

Feras passed the baton on to his colleague Mimo. Mohannad  Al Soheily (aged 30), also known affectionately as Mimo, has now been working at Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre for five years.

With a friendly smile, he’s the point of contact for our guests. Behind the bar, at the reception desk, when technical jobs are being done and in the kitchen. He’s what you’d call a genuine all-rounder: cheerful, helpful, friendly and great with kids. When Mimo’s around, things are sure to go well.

I take it that really is a double N and not an M (or two)?

What are you good at?
Making cocktails… and tasting them. I really enjoy making the ‘Mick Jagger’, which has sloe gin from Rutte & Zn in it. It’s one I’m fond of drinking too.

We’re on the roof right now. Why did you want to be photographed here?
Well, look around. I mean, this is a wonderful view, isn’t it? Unique in Delft. It shows you just how close the hotel is to the centre. You’re right in the hustle and bustle of the city in under five minutes. The Comfort Top Floor is worth considering if you also want to enjoy the same view from your hotel room.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I enjoy kicking a ball around with my friends. And I’ve recently taken up working out. Not that you can see much in the way of results yet, eh?

What music do you like?
I grew up with Arabic music. Now I like dancehall most, and I often listen to rap too. Broederliefde is great to listen to.

Do you have any other tips for our guests?
Pop round and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our hotel. I make the best cocktails. And there are tasty snacks too, of course.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
My mother is wonderful and I’ve got the sweetest grandma in the world. As well as a younger brother and two older sisters. I’m crazy about my family and I’ve found this period very difficult because I like giving people a hug and I love a cosy atmosphere. My advice is to enjoy the people around you and stay healthy, so that we can all keep getting the most out of this wonderful world.

Mimo will shortly be in conversation with his colleague Claudia: stay tuned!

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