A life’s work in Delft

Delft is a special place. The city has a vast history with some wonderful stories. William of Orange walked through the Prinsenhof. Johannes Vermeer did his brushwork here. The band Tee Set first saw the light of day here. And the Camijn family have been running a great family business here for decades. Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre has roots going back a long time in Delft.


Mrs de Kok was a shrewd businesswoman who started renting out seven rooms of a property on a street called Houttuinen. Her daughter Elly later took it over, together with her husband Antoon Camijn. The lodging-house rapidly evolved into a professional hotel. In the meantime, Antoon and his band – Formatie Flame – were knocking them flat on all the big stages in the Netherlands.


The Municipality of Delft made plans for redeveloping the area around the station, turning it into what is now the Spoorzonegebied. That meant that Hotel de Kok had to go. Plans were immediately made for a new hotel on another street in Delft, called De Koepoortplaats.


Et voila! A new hotel was built in 2010 on the edge of the city centre, with the wonderful greenery of the Delftse Hout recreational area behind it. Hotel Delft Centre is a home from home with everything you need – there are 92 rooms, a bar, lounge, restaurant and three meeting rooms. The brothers Leon and Rogier Camijn were proud to be able to take the baton over from Antoon and Elly.

Overnachting in Delft


This year, you too will enjoy a wonderful stay at this extraordinary Delft hotel. Naturally, you will be welcomed by an enthusiastic, inspired and friendly team. Familial yet with international allure. Striking? The musical theme and lots of live music. Fitting for the musical career of Antoon – who sadly passed away on 1 September 2022 – and love of music by the whole family.


With a turbulent corona period behind us, our gaze is once again fixed on the future. In good spirits, with fresh energy and an entirely new interior. Together with Muurbloem design studio, our entire hotel has been given a musical genre per floor. From rock to jazz. From hip-hop to classical. Stylish, musical and therefore typical of Hotel Delft Centre.

Hotel Delft Centre


Take a look around the stylish rooms – suitable for any occasion. A weekend in Delft with your whole family? Whether you fancy live music or a romantic overnight stay, you’ll feel at home in Delft.

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