Welcome home
in Delft

You walk the red carpet, listening to the music coming from the lounge. Welcome home to Delft’s most atmospheric hotel! Enjoy its international allure.
This hotel is in the best spot, right on the boundary between serene greenery and the historic city centre.


Welcome home in Delft

Hotel Delft Centre

Make the most of an overnight stay in Delft. The 92-room Hotel Delft Centre is right on the boundary between the historic city centre and the Delftse Hout recreation area. And all rooms have their own style of music: from reggae to classical, from blues to jazz.

Come here for an overnight stay in Delft or a business meeting or weekend in the city, and you will experience a family atmosphere that is entwined with a musical narrative. You’re the star here. Because that’s how we’ve been doing it since the seventies.

Restaurant Swing

Drink a toast to the Delft skyline and enjoy a sumptuous dinner. The pianist will accompany a wonderful gourmet evening. Which is your favourite from our wine list? Swing along.

Hotel Restaurant

For Business

If you need to organize an event or meeting room, this is where you can find the time and space for brainstorming sessions, meetings and networking. It’s Delft-style relaxing at a business meeting.


If you’re curious to find out, we’ll be happy to tell you all about live music in the hotel, our new services and everything that is going on in Delft.

The hotel with Delft history

The Camijn family have deep-seated roots in Delft and love the Prince’s City, as Delft is known. They have been receiving guests in their home town for many years now,

in a warm family atmosphere that began in 1953 with a bed-and-breakfast on Houttuinen and is still tangible in the hotel at Koepoortplaats today. But what’s behind the musical theme of Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre?

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