COVID-19 precautions

Our team is doing everything possible to make sure you stay safe!

Here’s what you can expect from us:

1. Guidelines: We stick to the guidelines given by the Dutch public health agency RIVM and the hotel and restaurant sector organization (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland). 

2. Booking: You can reserve your room online through our website. You fill in your details in the online environment and settle the payment for your stay too. The general terms and conditions for the reservation can be found in your booking confirmation.

3. Check-in: We ask our guests to take a seat in our lounge for checking in. You will be given the key card to your room. 

4. Check-out: If you want to avoid contacts, you can check out in the online environment and settle any outstanding sums there. Put your room key in the box provided for the purpose as you leave.

5. Breakfast: Breakfast is not included in the room price. It can be booked for €16.50 per person. To prevent it getting too busy at breakfast, we use time slots. This will be discussed with you when you check in. 

6. Lunch/dinner: We are offering a lunch and dinner menu.

7. Lounge/patio: You can use our lounge and patio. We have made sure there is enough space between the chairs and tables.

8. Meetings: Our meeting rooms are also available and can be reserved. Please contact us through to find out what is possible.

9. Payments: If you pay in cash, we will only accept the exact amount. Our advice is to make your payments online. If that is not possible, you can pay with a credit card or Dutch bank pass when you check in.

10. Cleaning: Our housekeeping team observes the recommendations given by RIVM when cleaning the rooms. They will make sure that your room is disinfected before you use it.

11. Visits: The hotel rooms are only for hotel guests with reservations.
If you feel unwell during your stay, please tell Reception (preferably by phone). Our staff will then discuss the follow-up steps that need to be taken.

Stay safe!

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