Stay overnight in Delft


Six reasons to stay overnight in Delft

Just suppose you fancy a weekend away with friends or family in one of the Netherlands’ most special cities. A day in Delft is then a fantastic option. Believe us: you’ll be amazed. Delft has a very distinctive character, a magnificent history and loads of hip hotspots. There’s enough to do – more than. And after a delightful day, you can sink down onto a comfortable mattress in one of Delft’s hotels. An overnight stay in Delft? Time to get to know what Delft has to offer.

How Delft began

The first waterways, or town canals, were dug in about 1246. The very name Delft may well have the same roots as ‘to delve’, meaning to dig. Some exceptional tales and personalities are associated with that centuries-old city centre. Take the artist Johannes Vermeer, for instance, or the microbiologist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek or the ‘Father of the Netherlands’, William of Orange. Delft’s Technical University and sophisticated biotech mean that it also has an innovative character, but it will always value its history. That is what Delft is founded on.

The city centre

Can you picture it? The two churches rising high above the rooftops, the small shops full of blue Delftware and other great gifts, and the photogenic market square – they all have a story to tell. And then you know it for sure: you’re in the Princes’ City, as Delft is known, with its many large shops and picturesque boutiques. The city of Delft is full of character – a major urban centre with a rich history.hiedenis. 

Overnachten in Delft

Cool activities

Delft is perfect for a city walk or a great cycling trip, along the canals, across the squares and through the narrow streets. And do you know what else is marvellous? There’s an escape room in Delft. What would you think of an amazing escape room in the most typically Delft hotel of them all, with the Beatles as its central theme. Not that you want to escape Delft, of course, but that’s what you’ve got to do right now because the clock is ticking!

Great location

Delft is very easy to get to, nicely placed between big cities such as The Hague and Rotterdam. It means that you are in fact close to a variety of modern and historic city centres, as well as fun leisure destinations such as beaches.

Delft’s cuisine

Delft is known for its bars and restaurants. There can be a real buzz in the city centre in the evenings, with the most delicious smells wafting towards you as you stroll along the Delft canals – everything from Italian cuisine to Indian, as well as fusion and local specialities. If you want somewhere to dine with a wonderful view of Delft, this is the place to be. Everyone will find their culinary favourites in Delft. It also has a great beer-brewing tradition, so there are lots of opportunities to raise a glass. Cheers! To a great day out in Delft.

Overnight stays in Delft

Delft’s hotels come in all shapes and sizes. There are famous hotels on the canals, large ones in the outskirts and others with specific themes such as music. Hotel Delft Centre is a typical Delft family-run hotel, with a musical theme playing a key role. With the green Delftse Hout area behind it and the city centre already in sight, you have the perfect location at a gateway to the city. Everywhere you look, the hotel is about music. You walk the red carpet, listening to the music coming from the lounge. Welcome home to Delft’s most atmospheric hotel! Enjoy its international allure.

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